Friday, 19 June 2015

How to Choose Your Cosmetic Surgeon?

How to Choose Your Cosmetic Surgeon? 

Most Important thing in choosing a cosmetic surgeon by his/her

1) Credentials i mean education qualification and their practice.

2) Real Time Experience: Many claim to be a Best Cosmetic Surgeon,one should closely observe
    how many years does your cosmetic surgeon has real time experience in performing cosmetic surgeries . Does You Cosmetic Surgeon Individually  perform all  his cosmetic surgeries by him self or Does he hires other surgeons for performing surgeries.

3) Results: When it comes to Cosmetic surgery results People show you  lot of Before and After Photos please do not believe in any Images since it can be fabricated   , allways ask for an live video footage of an Surgery video where you can judge the surgeon on hand surgical experience and surgical skills. You can also feel free to ask a surgeon to speak with his patients for whom he/ she ad performed surgery.

4)  Lastly you can select the cosmetic surgeon while consulting ,if any surgeon promise you anything which not realistic be aware of him. No Cosmetic surgeon can do magic or wonder, all he can do s to enhance or increase your beauty!


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